Meet the Artist

I'm Emerson Steele. I grew up in South Carolina but have lived all over the southern United States, including Oklahoma City, Houston, Atlanta, Nashville and now, northern Virginia. Each place has kept a little piece of my heart and I draw inspiration from all of them. 

I'm a mixed media artist. I mostly work with acrylics and charcoal. Sometimes pencil. Sometimes whatever I'm excited about at the moment. 

I am mostly self-taught, however, I have taken many art classes growing up and throughout adulthood. My goal is to create art that you will love having in your home. While I was never interested in interior design growing up, I began to love it once I owned my own homes and had free reign in the design. My favorite part has always been picking out art for the walls and finding each piece its proper home. As I walk around my house now, I delight in seeing something new in each piece every time. I hope you will find the same joy in my work when you add it to your own space. 

Make yourself at home.